IONOL® 75S30 is a blend of IONOL® 75 with 30% aromatic solvent, to give a crystallization point below -40°C and a flash point above 80°C. It was specially developed for applications which dictate liquid handling at low temperatures. IONOL®75S30 is an excellent antioxidant for use in aviation fuels, gasoline and FCC streams.


Chemical name:

2,6-Di-tert.-butylphenol (2,6-DTBP)


128-39-2 (2,6-DTBP)
64742-94-5 (Solvent)

Molecular weight:

206.3 g/mol


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Your global antioxidants partner

Industrial Oils

Leading supplier of highly effective antioxidants for lubricants for use in transmissions and turbine oils, transformer oils and hydraulic and metalworking fluids.


Oxiris IONOL® BF range of antioxidants have been specifically designed to optimise biodiesel stability regardless of base fatty acid

General Fuels

IONOL® antioxidants are internationally approved performance stabilizers for all aviation fuels, gasoline, diesel and refinery streams.

Plastics & Rubber

IONOL® antioxidants are widely used in most natural and synthetic lattices and rubbers and in a wide range of thermoplastic polymers.

Personal Care

IONOL® CP gives highly effective protection against oxidation for a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications

Leather Treatment

IONOL® CP is used to stabilize the feed stock of the fat liquors in leather industry.

Inks & Coatings

IONOL ® antioxidants are widely used in the printing inks and coatings industry

Food & Feed

IONOL® antioxidants are used in a wide range of foodstuffs and animal feeds to retain nutritional content and prevent rancidity

About Oxiris

Our facility is in Sant Celoni, near Barcelona - Spain

Aviation Fuels

IONOL® antioxidants are internationally approved for use in all civil and military grades of JET A1 fuel.

Custom Synthesis

Core technologies in site include butylation, Alkylation, condensation and Mannich reactions. We also offer solids handling and bespoke liquid blending facilities